How will you get my flowers after my special event?

If you live in the Hudson Valley area you can always drop them off. After you have booked with us we will provide the drop off address! We suggest you give them to a friend after your special day and ask them to drop them off! However if you do not live locally we can still help. Mail them! To ensure that your flowers arrive to us in good condtion we ask that you overnight them to us, we reccomend the Monday after your wedding. The reason we reccomend Monday is because that ensures they will get to us within a day (Sending them over the weekend doesn't gaurentee we will get them the next day, Monday does! ) We will make sure to give you instructions on how to best care for your flowers and how to package them to make sure they arrive in the best condition

How long should I expect to wait?

We know...WAITING IS HARD! ... but all great things take time! You can expect to receive your prefect pressed frame 8-12 weeks after your wedding/ event . But heres why, we want to make sure that all the mostiure is out of the flowers. We patiently wait for this process to go along as we want to see them as much as you do! After they are taken out of the press we work on a design with YOU! We email you design layout options, and once you have chosen your favorite we will begin to frame it! Then TA-DA! we will ship it out to its rightful home.

Will you press each flower in my bouquet?

YES.. unless any of them arrive to us in a super bad state. We try our best to press each flower we receive, however that doesn't mean they will all make it into the final frame. Depending on the condition that we recive the flowers, our focus will be flowers in the best condtion becuase those will press the best and look the best. Once you reach out to us we ask what flowers will be used in your bouquet to let have a better idea. So reach out to us for more details!

Are there any flowers that cannot be pressed?

I try my best to press all types of flowers! However there are some flowers that are just too thick or have too much water and will not thin out. However we try our best to work around this, and although we may not be able to press the whole flower we may be able to press the petals individually.

If I do not live near you can I get this done?

1000% yes! Look to the next question to see how!

Can I purchase this as a gift for someone?

Yes of couse! This would make a super thoughtful gift. Email us at and we will walk you through the process.